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Difference Between Registered Post & Speed Post

 Registered Post Speed Post
 In this case, the parcel is delivered only to addressee  Parcel can be delivered to the addressee or any other person(third party), address.
 Special Record Keeping  Speed Post Services Keeping Only Normal Record
 It takes slightly more time then speed post  It consumes less time & likely faster than registered post.
 Delivery TIme is 2-5 days  Delivery Time is 2-3 days
Rates are very costly  Rates are very cheap

How To Track Registered Post

The different carrier that the Indian Post presents in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs is to assist in getting the passport. The software for applying for the brand new passport is available with the Speed Postal carrier. Anyone should buy the form from the department and then after filling and filing to the Postal branch alongside the record which has been asked and pasting the image wherein targeted. The Speed Post facilities then verify the shape and direct them to the required passport workplace. The passport workplace then verifies the acquired files and sends the issued passport through the velocity put up. This facility is for purchasing the brand new password and no longer for the renewals of the passport.
With the advancement in the generation, the world has now become an international village without a ‘boundary’ phrase left inside the dictionary. As it isn’t always feasible for most people to in my opinion deliver all their relevant files, parcels, presents, messages and business letters because of their busy timetable. But, nevertheless, the message needs to be brought to the right person at the proper time, in an at ease way. Speed Post and Registered Post are the maximum truthful offerings in this regard. The essential difference among, velocity post and registered post is that the former is dealing with specific even as the latter is addressee-specific.

Track India Post International shipments

‘Registered post’ is an Indian Postal Department service, much like a regular put up, providing extra facilities like secure transport, the signature of the recipient at the time of shipping, greater cover (insurance) and proof of delivery. As the carrier is similar to every day submit, the parcel typically takes 2-five days to attain its destination. Identification is given to the thing and recorded simultaneously at every handling stage. In this way, the right report of the posts and parcel is maintained until the transport point, with monitoring info available to the recipient at every point.

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Speed Post Delivery Service Standards

Local * 1-2 Days
Metro-Metro 1-3 Days
State Capital to State Capital 1-4 Days
Same State 1-4 Days
Rest of the Country 4-5 Days

Key Differences Between Speed Post and Registered Post

The essential difference between a speed put up and the registered submit is that pace put up is deal with-precise carrier, in essence, the delivery of the article may be taken with the aid of the addressee or any other individual Additionally, on the cope with, which include the family contributors of the addressee at the same time as registered put up is addressee-specific, i.E. Most effective the addressee is authorized to take the shipping of the article.
The second distinction lies in the time they take to deliver a message. Speed Post is a high-pace postal provider that offers time certain shipping. As ways as well-timed delivery of Registered post is involved, it is like a regular post in which the parcel receives registered and safe custody of the parcel is maintained from the source to destination.
Normal file retaining is finished in case of a Speed Post while a Special record retaining is performed in the case of Registered Post together with an acknowledgment card that needs be signed by using the recipient on the time of transport.

  • Speed Post is lots quicker as compared to the Registered Post.
  • The speed post service is available at an affordable fee, while the prices of Registered Post are comparatively excessive.
  • Speed Post doesn’t offer extra cover like a Registered Post.
  • Speed Post usually takes 2-3 days to reach its destination even as the time-frame for Registered Post is 2-5 days.

In the current beyond, the Internet and e-mail have revolutionized the world of communications. At the same time, accessibility to email continuous to be a primary trouble for many human beings, in particular within the rural areas. In its undertaking to make the advantages of email to be had to everyone and to bridge the digital divide, Department of Posts has added an ePOST provider.

Through ePOST, customers can ship their messages to any address in India with a combination of electronic transmission and physical transport through a community of more than 1, fifty-five,000 Post Offices. EPOST sends messages as a soft copy via the et, and on the vacation spot, it will be added to the addressee within the form of hard reproduction. EPOST charges simply Rs. 10 according to the page of A4 length.EPOST can also be availed by the company customers, by using having an enterprise agreement with India Post. Corporate customers will get unique ePOST quotes and different cost additions.

Pros of India Registered Post Tracking

  • You can check the status
  • Very Accurate in Delivery
  • It keeps each record of location from starting to the destination
  • It gives an extra cover facility
  • Safe & Secure
  • Toll-Free Helpline Number: 1924
  • For International Mail: 1800 425 2440
  • Support Links: Click Here

Registered Post Tracking Number Formats

Name of Service Format (Digits)
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE135791231IN (13)
International EMS Articles EE135791231XX (13)
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 111111111111111111 (18)
Registered Mail RX135791231IN (13)
Express Parcel Post XX000001111XX (13)